Regeri is a UK based company focused on delivering investment advice and property services to its international clientele.
The heart of its strategy is to be one step ahead of its peers and analyse opportunities from all angles, hedging risk to protect the interest of its clients.

Trading financial assets and maintaining healthy portfolios was a priority up until 2009, when activities shifted into the property market as some great opportunities manifested themselves.

We work with Family Offices, Funds and HNW clients from all over the world. We can deliver in UK, France, Monaco, Italy, and Switzerland.
The properties we can source for you, are residential, commercial and hotels. Underdeveloped assets and commodities construe a separate branch of our expertise.

Social connections on various levels assist in accessing off market opportunities and being able to choose from a variety of assets, offering them to our clients after due diligence and acting with the utmost discretion.